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News Report

Re-opening of Club toilets

25/07/20 | Jude Latta

Toilet facilities now available and a reminder of Covid-19 safety rules

Reopening of Club Toilets

A number of members have said that they would like to come down to the club, but the lack of toilets has made them reluctant to do so. On behalf of the Management Committee I am pleased to be able to tell you that from Monday 27th July you will be able to use some of the INSIDE toilets.

The toilets that will be open are the ones normally used by visiting bowlers.

Entry to the club will now be by the front door or the side gate.

To get to the toilet/greens you will use the Outside Door immediately before the Magnolia Room.

ALL OTHER AREAS (including changing rooms) REMAIN CLOSED – please do not attempt to enter them.

While inside, ensure you keep to social distancing. Only one person to be in each toilet area at a time. There are wipes, sanitisers and hand gel in both ladies’ and gent’s toilet areas. Please leave the toilets in a clean state and after washing your hands please use an antiseptic wipe to wipe over the taps and toilet door handle.

Please ensure all equipment is put away properly at the end of play. The Covid-19 Safety Rules regarding safe play remain the same as before and are reproduced below for you.

Covid-19 Safety Rules for roll ups. Version 2

1.       You may now enter the club either by the main entrance or the gate. The combination lock on the gate and the key box outside the tournament office both have the same number as the door into the club.  After closing both the locks when leaving, please ensure that the combination is on random numbersNOT on the combination number used to open up.

2.       The equipment will be in the tournament office.  Please return it all there at the end of your session.  Also, please lock up the office and the gate when you leave as you might well be the last people who are coming to the club that day. The key to the tournament office must be returned into the key box which is on the wall near the office.

3.       There are no scoreboards, rink markers or pushers available.

4.       There is mat sanitiser, a disinfectant spray for locks, handles and anything else that is touched and wipes for members’ use - these are all in the tournament office for your convenience. Please ensure they are all back in the office before you leave.

5.       Sanitise the mats before and after play.  Put the jacks back in the bucket with disinfectant after you have finished playing.

6.       Some toilets are now open inside the clubhouse. The rest of the clubhouse remains closed.

7.       Please take all your belongings and rubbish home with you.

8.       Please maintain a social distance at all times whilst at the club.  Members can now play pairs (Government and Bowls England Guidance) as well as singles but please maintain distance, sanitise your hands regularly and sanitise the equipment at the end of your session. For pairs, use two mats and one jack.  For singles, use two jacks and one mat - place the jack in position rather than rolling it and carry the mat to each end

9.       Do not arrive too early for your session and leave promptly to ensure there are not too many members at the club together.

10.   If you are playing pairs, you can book two consecutive sessions on the same rink if you want a long session or leave the rink just 15 minutes before the next session but if you do this, you must move quickly and get off the premises as soon as possible.

11.   Members have enjoyed the facilities so far.  More members are now signing up to play but please make sure everyone is safe and the club is secure during and after your visit.

12.   We are expecting the arrival of some small bottles for sanitiser liquid.  When they arrive, we will give all playing members a small, full bottle for your use at the club.  There will not be large bottles of sanitiser at the end of the rinks but if all members have a bottle of their own, there is no excuse for not sanitising your hands regularly whilst playing.  When it gets empty, please refill the bottle yourself.

13.   Please do all your rink booking via Jezzam which can now also be accessed through ‘Links’ on the Madeira Bowling Club website.



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