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Madeira men hang on to Division One status


News from the past week

Madeira men completed their final match in the Interclub League with a good win against Kingsley from North Devon, 2 rinks home 2 rinks away.  Madeira had 3 winning rinks with 1 only just losing, for a final overall shot difference 84 – 56.  This win gave Madeira 12 valuable points which ensures they avoid relegation and retain their place in Division One next season. 

Playing triples in the Lane Trophy league at home Val Allam, Carol Hyett, and Gloria Taylor, had a very decisive win over Torquay United at 25-14, having scored an 8 on only the 5th end.  Captain Margaret Humphrey, unusually playing as Skip, also won 14-10 with Freda Relph and Fay Hughes.  The away teams did not fare so well, although losing by only 3 and 5, but the home wins gave Madeira 6 points.

In friendlies, 3 men’s triples met Mid Devon, winning well on all 3 rinks.  Bob Finch, David Bagnall, Alan Porter, were ahead all the way, competing with Mark Perrott, Chris Reed, Alan Halpin for the highest scores – the best shot difference went to Bob at 33-5.

A mixed triples match against Isca had 2 winning rinks with Roger Brown, Jenny Charles, Margaret Mahon only conceding 6 ends and then scoring in multiples on most of the others. The overall score was 57-40.

3 men’s rinks met a DCIBA Vice Presidents’ team from various clubs around Devon.  2 Madeira rinks won with Ian Munro, Geoff Furminger, David Hitt, and Dave Mansell winning 20-12 and Roger William’s team 22-17. The other team went down to a high score against, resulting in an overall loss 60-70.

In another mixed match against Honiton there was only 1 winning rink.  Dee Norman, Dave Mansell, Glyis Byrn, Brian Poulter won 18-14 having been ahead all the way.  Geoff Furminger, Joan Mansell, Mike Holmes, Janet Grundy had a close match only losing on the last 3 ends and there was a final score of 48-59.

A ladies triples went to Torbay but lost on all 3 rinks, although not helped by difficulties of the opposition in fielding a full team – never mind, all good practice.

Another ladies triples was at home against Sidmouth, usually a strong team.  Sandie Cox’s team held on for a draw, and one team lost on the last few ends, but Joy Penberthy, Val Allam, Margaret Mahon, had a magnificent win 33-7, resulting in an overall score of 59-39.

In a more “relaxed” match a Ladies Captain team played a Men’s Captain team in sets of 9 ends but the men were not so relaxed as the ladies only won 1 set over all 3 rinks – maybe next time!


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